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We are interested in hearing your views of this site, or your memories of Acton in the past. The Acton History Group publish a magazine "Acton Historian" twice a year, and are interested in publishing excerpts from your memories of Acton.


Further Reading:

R N G Rowland, Acton As It Was (1981)

T & A Harper Smith, Acton (Britain in old photographs) (1995)

R N G Rowland, Acton A-Z (1992)

King-Baker, Acton - Middlesex (1912)

Victoria County History, Middlesex, Volume 7     Available on line here.

Acton Past and Present, publications of the Acton History Group


Still in print:

Acton through time, D & A Knights

Acton - A History, J Oates

Acton, J Oates

Victoria County History, Middlesex, Volume 7



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